Taking responsibility for your life does not mean that you control it. 

It is a strange dance of taking action and doing your part, while also acknowledging that there is something bigger than you in the works even now, and you are an important part of it.

You are agreeing to work with the Universe to go hand-in-hand toward the direction of your heart's strongest whispers.

And you are considering the possible truth that the Universe is working for you and not against you to find its way into your tender, searching heart. What if that is true?

If you choose to see it, you will see all the ways that the world is cheering you on. Things do not happen to you; they happen for you.

Believing that does not change what happens, but it does change how you feel about what happens. And it changes what you do with what occurs in your precious life. 

What a magnificent thing. There are beautiful forces of good in this world that are cheering you on, hoping that you will hear their sweet songs of guidance.

I am not alone.

You are not alone. 

Not only are other humans half-way across the world, that you may never meet, going through the exact same soul journey as you; but also nature itself is partnering with you. The sunlight filtering through the trees beckons you back to connection with the sky and the earth and with yourself and with the One who created it all. 

There is this yearning for oneness, connection, harmony, understanding that is ebbing out of the heavens and earth and finding its way into the soft soil of open human hearts. 

Our capacity to change, both ourselves and the world around us, is miraculous. You are a part of this world for a divine reason. 

You can change your stars.

You can change your path. 

I need you, the world needs you, to be the truest version of yourself. And the amazing part is that the process to figuring out who you really are is the greatest adventure of all. In the searching, you become who you were seeking.

You can do this. 

The very heavens are cheering you on. 

Let the Universe do it's divine magic in and through you, fellow traveler. 

You matter, and what you do with this earth life you've been given will ripple into eternity. 

We are with you. 

We love you. 

Let's live our lives, hand-in-hand and on purpose.


xoxo, Frank