How to Get Unstuck


It’s such a sinking feeling not being able to make a decision and feeling like what’s inside of you is working against what you want to accomplish on the outside. Your heart starts beating irregularly fast, you start to clam up, and you just feel stuck. Where do I go from here? Why can’t I move forward all of a sudden? We’ve all been there.  It’s absolutely normal and you are not alone; and today we are talking about our little magic formula that gets us out of these slumps.

1. MOVE.
Seriously, this is such a game-changer. When things are stuck on the inside, get moving on the outside. Go on a walk, run around your living room three times, do 30 jumping jacks, jump on the trampoline for a minute. Rearrange your room. Anything. Movement changes things. Physical action reminds your brain and body that fear doesn’t get to make the decisions. It clears the cobwebs, reminds you that you are living and breathing magic, and gets that good, mind-clearing oxygen pumping to your brain. If you do nothing else in this list, for the love, just get up and move—I promise it makes the biggest difference.

We spend so much of our lives looking down, at our phones and computers, at our feet, at the current state of this world, at our problems. So whenever we notice that our shoulders are extra tense or that our minds are running circles, we simply remind ourselves to look up. Literally. My favorite thing to do is to take a blanket outside, lie down, and gaze at that massive sky above me. It reminds me, in a comforting way, that I am small, but also that I am connected to this world. With that comes a healthy dose of perspective that I am not the only one who has struggles in this world. We are in this together, and there is divine purpose to our breathing and existing. I am a PART of this abundance all around me—YOU are a part of it, and if we can live in a world with such a beautiful expanse of blue wrapping us in her arms, surely everything is going to be okay beyond this moment. Breathe in the gratitude that comes with remembering that, and feel the tension melting away with each passing moment.

Meditation is a no-brainer for us. Our mind is in charge of how we perceive everything around us, so nurturing it and giving it some consistent love are the most important things to us. We love the Headspace app—it is our go-to every time for meditation. It’s simple, soothing, and there are so many options to choose from. They even have quick 2-minute reset meditations on there, which I love whenever I’m feeling particularly frazzled but don’t have the time to sit for 10 minutes at that exact moment. What's even better--you can try the Basics FOR FREE. You heard me. Meditation has been the ultimate act of self-love for me this past year, as it has taught me not to judge myself or my thoughts. It is ten minutes that I set aside to simply practice breathing and awareness. I let thoughts come, and I let them go, fluid and peaceful; and this translates into my life. Things that used to frustrate me or make me tense, I can just let come and let go. And with that comes a freedom in knowing that I get to choose what I allow to impact me, mentally, emotionally, or in any way. Start taking care of your precious mind, and the way you see the world around you will change for the better.

Have you ever tried any of these things? What works for you when you're feeling in a lull? We would love to hear in the comments.

Here's to giving ourselves grace in the process.

xoxo, Frank