Treat Yo' Self: Lingerie

Lingerie used to seem like such a pointless thing to me. First off, we grew up being taught that being sexy is bad unless you are married, and even then, you don’t talk about it or express it or think about it, and God forbid you actually acknowledge that you are a sexual being and find you or anyone else sexy. And second, even if you were married, it just seemed pointless to me to spend so much money on something uncomfortable just so my husband could take it off after I had worn it for, like, 10 minutes. TMI? Ah, well. The inner workings of young little Frank.

You see, I was taught that lingerie was something for men—to cause a reaction in men. It was never about me or my comfort or my feeling confident and sexy, so I didn’t get the point. Thankfully, we have changed and evolved our views since then (seriously, THANK GOD), and along the way, part of my journey in really accepting myself and falling in love with ME made me see lingerie in a different light. When I look at lingerie, I don’t think about how it would make somebody else look at me (positively or negatively). All I think about is how I will look at me—would wearing this allow me tap into my power and sexuality and confidence? Would it help me to accept myself and love myself more fully? It’s incredible that something as simple as lingerie has the power to create the space for a woman to be more fully herself. So, that is the heart with which we are talking about these lingerie companies today. Ladies, this is for you. And if your partner will love it—that’s a bonus—but that’s not the most important thing. We want you to love love LOVE the goddess that you are. Lingerie just has the ability to reveal what already exists inside you. You are beautiful, you are worthy of love, and you are going to change the world by the way you love yourself.  

1. NAJA—everyday cheeky underwear with an updated design
Naja is a company that is a champion of women. According to their ethos on their website, they are a place that “seeks to empower women instead of objectifying them.” Oh, we love that. Their take on what is sexy and who is sexy is entirely refreshing and real in this often airbrushed, homogenized online world in which we live. Their garment factory employs mostly single mothers or women who are heads of their households, and they make sure that their workers are paid above market wages and have healthcare benefits. YES! We love companies who love people well. Their pieces are designed and printed with careful attention to detail for the women who will be wearing them and for the earth that we inhabit (they use digital printing, which makes their water waste almost zero—big deal—and they use many fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles and the like).

2. LARA INTIMATES—cool girl sheer undergarments
Looking for perfectly sheer—but not too sheer—lingerie that is actually still practical? Look no further. Lara is a UK-based lingerie company that we adore. They are snarky and utterly cool, and the pieces that they make are beautiful, sexy, and functional (like, you can actually wear them every day). They are extremely conscious of social and environmental impacts at each stage of their process, which we love, and their garments are made using reclaimed luxury surplus fabrics. How cool is that? Each piece that they make is assembled under one roof, in their studio in London. One thing that sets them apart: the way that they have simplified bra sizing (all the praise hands), and have their own unique Find My Size tool to aid in getting the perfect fit. And if you need any help, they are only an email chat away from answering all of your questions.

3.LUNYA—luxury sleepwear
This company is a champion of luxurious SLEEP. And we love sleep, and we love people who love sleep, and we love this company so much because they make sleeping sexy as hell. They do make intimates, such as deliciously soft sleep bras and briefs, but what we love most that they create is their sleepwear: silk pajama sets that feel like clouds, if clouds had a feeling to them; long sleeve crews that feel as good as being naked; and robes that make you feel like an old Hollywood movie star while you wash dishes in the morning. So much swooning going on here. They are reinventing sleepwear for women, and we are just so happy that they exist.

4. AZURA BAY—the mix: carries a little bit of everything, all sexy and well-made
Azura carries a variety of brands and styles in their shop, and each brand has been vetted for ethical production supply chains and also using eco-friendly products whenever possible. Because Azura carries more than one brand, the variety of styles, fabrics, and fits that they carry really suits anyone’s tastes. Just looking for a simple soft bra to wear under t-shirts? No problem. Want to treat yourself to something lacy and seductive (because, duh)? They’ve got that too. And they are always bringing in new styles and brands, so it is fun to check in and always discover something new. Also, something fun and amazing: they donate a portion of their proceeds from each order to one of three organizations, and you get to choose which one when you check out. Love it. Good undies with a good heart. We dig it.

5. THIEF & BANDIT—high-waisted underwear sets of your artistic dreams
Two things here: high-waisted underwear AND amazing prints/designs. All of my pants (all three of them) are either high-waisted or a higher mid-rise (hello, long torso and hips to spare), so I have been LOVING high-waisted underwear lately. It’s just so comfortable, but I still feel sexy. And this isn’t grandma underwear, okay? The higher-waist cut is sensual and cool and a nod to the Marilyn Monroe days of fashion. This brand, Thief & Bandit, is based in Canada, and each item is handmade and made-to-order in their studio in Halifax. The prints are all hand drawn and are original pieces of art, truly. They are a company that believes in the beauty and pride of handmade and high-quality garment-making. They use organic fabric to make their clothing and are leaders of slow and conscious fashion. And the prints—you guys. The prints.  

Here's to your comfort, your confidence, and tapping into that sexy being inside.

xoxo, Frank